Down surveillance and overpayment business refuses to Windows in favor of Ubuntu

Immediately after the release of Windows 10 computer security experts warned that Microsoft has its maniacal thirst for voyeurism and eavesdropping crossed the line a reasonable and not leave people

21 January 2016

State agencies Munich € 4 million saved by switching to Ubuntu and

Administration of the City of Munich has filed a report on the results of translation nine thousand computers in government agencies with MS Windows and MS Office on the LiMux (modified Ubuntu 10.04

30 March 2012

U.S. unmanned fighter jets now fly under Linux

The control system of unmanned aircraft the U.S. Air Force, formerly based on Windows XP, was moved to Linux. The reason for this was a viral infection that occurred a few months ago.

September 15,

18 January 2012

Command and control combat drones the U.S. transferred from Windows to Linux

USAF announced the transfer of command and control combat drones to the Windows operating system running on Linux. This bold move is largely due to the recent scandal when, in September last year on

13 January 2012

Microsoft may interfere with Linux on computers shipped with Windows 8

Matthew Garrett (Matthew Garrett), one of the developers of the Linux kernel of Red Hat, described in his blog, the possible problems faced by Linux users after upgrading motherboard manufacturers to

21 September 2011

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