U.S. drones will fly on Linux

For security reasons, the U.S. government decided to completely convert the park unmanned military aircraft on Linux.

U.S. Military Logistics Management has announced plans to spend about $ 28

18 June 2012

U.S. unmanned fighter jets now fly under Linux

The control system of unmanned aircraft the U.S. Air Force, formerly based on Windows XP, was moved to Linux. The reason for this was a viral infection that occurred a few months ago.

September 15,

18 January 2012

Command and control combat drones the U.S. transferred from Windows to Linux

USAF announced the transfer of command and control combat drones to the Windows operating system running on Linux. This bold move is largely due to the recent scandal when, in September last year on

13 January 2012

Oracle passes control to the project free community

Oracle has announced its intention to convert office suite of applications to the project, fully managed community, as well as the fact that the commercial version of the program more

15 April 2011

CIA and Lockheed Martin opened the source code of analytical web-platforms

Matthew Barton (Matthew Burton), a former CIA analyst, made by the Central Intelligence Agency, the U.S. permission to open it developed with the participation of the project Collaborative ACH, which

8 August 2010

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