Down surveillance and overpayment business refuses to Windows in favor of Ubuntu

Immediately after the release of Windows 10 computer security experts warned that Microsoft has its maniacal thirst for voyeurism and eavesdropping crossed the line a reasonable and not leave people

21 January 2016

Available Linux-distro Ubuntu 15.10

The release of Linux-distribution Ubuntu 15.10 "Wily Werewolf". Complete installation images created for the Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu Core (for them at the last stages of testing

23 October 2015

Ubuntu is 10 years old!

Ubuntu is 10 years old! New release Utopic Unicorn is available for download Canonical has posted the final release of the new version of Ubuntu, Ubuntu Unicorn under version 14.10. As far as can be

24 October 2014

Today Ubuntu 14.04 comes with a five-year support

Despite the fact that the official release has yet to happen today, Canonical has released a press release to mark the release of two key revisions Ubuntu 14.04: Desktop and Server. Desktop version

17 April 2014

Released Linux Mint 13

Saw the release of Linux Mint distribution 13, based on the code base Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, fully compatible with it, but essentially different approach to the organization of the user interface and

24 May 2012

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