Feminist created a fork of the Linux kernel in response to the categorical statements of Linus Torvalds

After more categorical statements of the author and main developer of the Linux kernel Linus Torvalds (Linus Torvalds) Community Feminist Software Foundation introduced the world to the next fork

19 January 2015

Oracle passes control to the project free community

Oracle has announced its intention to convert office suite of applications to the project, fully managed community, as well as the fact that the commercial version of the program more

15 April 2011

IBM warns: Linux is useless to attempt to control

Dan Fry (Dan Frye), IBM’s vice president for development of open systems, in his opening speech at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Linux has made an important conclusion about the futility of

16 April 2010

Red Hat encourages the community to declare war on patent trolls

The company IP Innovation has filed a lawsuit against Red Hat and Novell back in …

14 February 2009

At G1 with Android running Debian GNU / Linux

Jay Freeman (Jay “saurik” Freeman), famous in the community of fans of smartphones due to …

9 November 2008

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