Released version Yandex Browser for Linux users

Today Yandex Browser Beta updated to the new version 14.10, which tested several fairly major innovations. This release marks the availability of the web browser of the Russian Internet companies for

30 October 2014

Released Linux Mint 13

Saw the release of Linux Mint distribution 13, based on the code base Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, fully compatible with it, but essentially different approach to the organization of the user interface and

24 May 2012

WebMoney has released an application to control the purse strings on computers running the Linux operating system

Now, for users of Linux are available all the WebMoney Keeper Mini in the desktop application:

Wallets and card
Contacts and correspondence
Easy-payment of services
Built-store digital goods

30 April 2012

Linux will ensure the secrecy of defense contracts (ASG “State Defense Order” is almost ready, it remains to establish private communication channels between users)

Work on the creation of the state automated system, “State Defense Order” (ASG “SDO”) is nearing completion. The system, which, according to the plan, defense officials to facilitate the life and

20 March 2012

Microsoft may interfere with Linux on computers shipped with Windows 8

Matthew Garrett (Matthew Garrett), one of the developers of the Linux kernel of Red Hat, described in his blog, the possible problems faced by Linux users after upgrading motherboard manufacturers to

21 September 2011

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