Feminist created a fork of the Linux kernel in response to the categorical statements of Linus Torvalds

After more categorical statements of the author and main developer of the Linux kernel Linus Torvalds (Linus Torvalds) Community Feminist Software Foundation introduced the world to the next fork

19 January 2015

Representatives Skype confirmed the development of open source version for Linux

The blog of Skype published a report explaining the situation with the open source client for Linux. Earlier in the network

2 November 2009

White House opens its open source site for the society

Last Saturday moved to CMS Drupal (content management system in PHP and open source). In the future a move to opensource and

27 October 2009

“For the commitment to open source I used to be called a communist”

Programs with the so-called open source, when the code is available to any user for …

31 May 2009

Open Source comes and starts to pay serious money

Debate around freely distributed software will not subside for quite some time. And finally for …

31 May 2009

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