The court forbade distribute televisions violating GPL

Organization Center for the Protection of Free Software (Software Freedom Law Center) reported on the successful conclusion of a trial involving a violation of terms of the GPL companies Westinghouse

4 August 2010

The Supreme Court of Canada: government agencies buying Microsoft products without consideration of alternatives is a violation of

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the Government of Quebec is guilty of what they bought the software from Microsoft, without considering possible alternatives. Governmental Authority on

5 June 2010

Microsoft removes utility for Windows 7 after accusations of violating the GPL

Last week at Within Windows information was received concerning the possible use of

11 November 2009

In France, won a lawsuit for non-compliance with terms of the GPL

Unprecedented in its history, the decision made last week French Themis. Court of Appeal of Paris found the company guilty of violating Edu4

4 October 2009

Microsoft code is not adopted in the Linux kernel in connection with violation of license

Not long ago, Microsoft offered to include in the kernel linux about 20,000 lines of …

22 July 2009

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