State agencies Munich € 4 million saved by switching to Ubuntu and

Administration of the City of Munich has filed a report on the results of translation nine thousand computers in government agencies with MS Windows and MS Office on the LiMux (modified Ubuntu 10.04

30 March 2012

Microsoft code is not adopted in the Linux kernel in connection with violation of license

Not long ago, Microsoft offered to include in the kernel linux about 20,000 lines of …

22 July 2009

Russia has become the battlefield between MS Windows and Linux

IBM has teamed up with partners in Austria and Poland, to supply the market of …

5 March 2008

Canonical LTD produces release Ubuntu (Kubuntu, Edubuntu) 7.04 Feisty Fawn

The latest version of the popular distribution contains new devices to improve migration from MS …

18 April 2007

French Parliament switches to Linux

1154 parliamentary computer will run Linux with preinstalled office suite from, Firefox browser and …

26 November 2006

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