Medvedev before leaving Russia to introduce free license

On behalf of President Medvedev prepared to amend the Civil Code, providing for the free license in Russia. They will be incorporated in the State Duma on the second reading of an existing package of

18 April 2012

State agencies Munich € 4 million saved by switching to Ubuntu and

Administration of the City of Munich has filed a report on the results of translation nine thousand computers in government agencies with MS Windows and MS Office on the LiMux (modified Ubuntu 10.04

30 March 2012

School of Linux - free software in schools.

I think everyone probably already heard that the software license schools included in the package “First Aid 1″ expires at the end of 2010. And what will happen next?? Many teachers ask this

7 March 2011

The court forbade distribute televisions violating GPL

Organization Center for the Protection of Free Software (Software Freedom Law Center) reported on the successful conclusion of a trial involving a violation of terms of the GPL companies Westinghouse

4 August 2010

The company has licensed codecs H.264/AVC Canonical for Ubuntu Linux

The company Canonical is now the only Linux-vendor, received a license to use the H.264/AVC codec in its distribution. Currently issued about 800 licenses, but some have received their companies do

4 May 2010

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