Spain captured a series of Open Source-initiatives

Of the Spanish public sector, a wave of initiatives related to open source software. Over the past month, just three autonomous regions of Spain, one after another announced the launch of programs to

5 June 2012

Analysts: Innovation in 2012 will be based on open source

Analysts argue that open source encourages innovation development in the major segments of the technology, including mobile technology, cloud computing and “big data”. The main reasons for today are

4 June 2012

“ROSA” opens the source code of free software development ROSA ABF

The company “ROSA” announces the beta release of the development of free software ROSA ABF, capable of supporting the continued development of the popular distributions of free operating systems and

2 April 2012

In The Linux kernel includes support for Android

It turned out the Linux kernel version 3.3. On this Sunday, March 18, said in a mailing list Linux creator Linus Torvalds.

In the Linux kernel version 3.3 code is entered the mobile OS Android.

19 March 2012

Linuh addresses a vulnerability 6 years!

As reported publication Network World, a week ago, developers of the Linux operating system eliminated the vulnerability that allowed hackers to perform virtually any desired them to code with root

23 August 2010

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