Yandex holds the Olympiad for Linux-based administrators with a large prize fund

Russian Internet company "Yandex" has announced the holding of the fourth in a row Olympiad for system administrators operating system GNU / Linux and free software - Yandex.root. Contest in which

2 April 2015

As a result of the conflict forum divided into two parts

Commonwealth of administrators and moderators of the resource reported a change in the project addresses the network to The move became inevitable once the domain owner

24 February 2010

Microsoft has patented sudo?!

U.S. Patent # 7,617,530, issued Nov. 10, 2009 a well-known Redmond company, describes the method of "Rights elevator", which allows the administrator to transfer

12 November 2009

How to make acquaintance with Linux pleasant?

As you know, any Linux distribution contains many programs, settings and parameters, that even the …

24 December 2007

Study of a UNIX process

This article analyzes the life cycle process executed by the operating system UNIX.System administrators must …

11 March 2007

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