The new service loads Linux directly from the Internet

Opened new service allows you to download any, based on the Linux operating system directly from the Internet. To do this from downloaded and stored on removable media (USB Drive, CD / DVD-ROM) image of the bootloader, which each time the computer connects to the service and displays a menu of available options. In addition to the distribution list have some useful system tools for diagnosis, partitioning and recovery of damaged operating system.

31 August 2009 | cd, internet, linux, loader, media, screen, service, system, website

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• Microsoft removes utility for Windows 7 after accusations of violating the GPL »»»
Last week at Within Windows information was received concerning the
• Came out a new kernel Linux. Among the major innovations - quick loading and additional options Safety »»»
Linus Torvalds on the eve of the second presented a new stable build the Linux kernel in the current year.
• The wonderful news. Have become available distributions of GNU / Linux Fedora 10, and GNU / Linux Russian Fedora 10. »»»
Opennet wrote: Just in time releases a new version of the Linux distribution Fedora 10, which brought a huge number of innovations, the main of which is: * Update the program to set up equipment - Network Manager 0.
• Super GRUB Disk - easy boot record recovery »»»
Super GRUB Disk - a bootable floppy disk or CD-ROM, designed to download and restore the operating system after a failure.
• SafeLine released a terminal operating system Linux XP mini »»»
Company SafeLine announces the release of terminal solutions Linux XP mini.