The Linux developers are buying up patents with Microsoft

Organization of Open Invention Network (OIN) announced the purchase of 22 patents, once belonged to at Microsoft. These preventive measures, community advocates of open source software is trying to protect distributors of Linux from the trials of the American corporation.

OIN, which includes such corporations as IBM, Google and Novell, is engaged in buying up patents on software GNU / Linux and the subsequent granting of rights to use them. That is why the 22 legal instruments were interested OIN - they relate to technology used in operating systems Linux.

Microsoft owns the patents organization Allied Security Trust (AST) is engaged in similar activities, although it is in support of operating systems with open source is not interested. According to the Wall Street Journal, AST has acquired them from the Corporation of Redmond on a private auction.

"We are pleased that the OIN makes such a move - says Dan Makkerdi (Dan McCurdy), executive director of AST. - It is important that these patents do not fall into the hands of patent trolls or other companies wishing to crush Linux-community."

9 September 2009 | corporation, developer, linux, measure, microsoft, organization, patent, purchase, software

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