The company will develop Gregory Berezkina Russian mobile OS (the “Open Mobile Platform,” calculates based on Linux to create a competitor to Android)

The Innopolis started the development of Russia’s mobile operating system[/[t:tag slug=sistema]system, the message says Minister of Communications and Mass Media Nikolai Nikiforov in his tweet. To address this problem the company “Open Mobile Platform” (WMD), the main owner is the founder of the group of UST Gregory Berezkin.

NBC intends to develop a Linux-based operating system for handheld devices. The company expects that its development will be able to compete with the Android OS on the cost of mobile devices market.

According to the database “SPARK-Interfax”, the company is “open mobile platform” (WMD) was registered in April this year. A profile “Votron” owns 80% of NBC founder of ESN Group Grigory Berezkin, 20% Mikhail Verozubov. CEO of the company is the former head of the Russian “daughter” the McAfee Paul Eiges.

“Wharton” also owns 9.27% ​​Hong Kong Sailfish Holding, which is the parent structure of the Finnish company Jolla. At the end of last year, the Ministry of Communications hoped that Sailfish develop competitive mobile OS of the same name, which will be popular and in demand not only in Russia but also in the BRICS countries.
Longtime plans

In 2015, Nikiforov said that already in 2016 can expect a more massive use of the new operating system in Russia.

According to him, the Russian Federation agreed with the BRICS countries to join efforts to Sailfish OS development in response to the total domination of US software, when the three operating systems (Windows from Microsoft, Android from Google and iOS from Apple - IF), in fact, fully control most of the world IT-market.

“BRICS -. It is half the world’s population, respectively, half of the potential users of smartphones and tablets main candidate for such a project is today an independent operating Sailfish system It originally started making the Finnish developers come from the Nokia, today the company is registered in Hong Kong, there is a big one. the share of Russian investors, Chinese investors, in a sense, it is an international project with the active participation of Russia, including the Russian programmers “, - said Nikiforov.

Developer Sailfish mobile operating system is the company Jolla. In early 2015 the holding company was set up Jolla Ltd. in Hong Kong. The company has a capital of Russia (in particular, Berezkin) and Chinese investors.

Jolla has been created by former employees of the Nokia, participated in the development of MeeGo, an operating system based on Linux. In fact, Sailfish is an evolution of MeeGo. In 2013 came the first smart phone running Sailfish, in 2014 - the tablet.

Jolla is working with “by Yandex” - installed on smartphones running Sailfish app store “Yandeks.Store”.

6 May 2016

Microsoft is trying to completely monopolize the OS market: “In Microsoft courts insist that Linux is the property of her and now she behaves as if Linux is its property.”

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