Microsoft is trying to completely monopolize the OS market: “In Microsoft courts insist that Linux is the property of her and now she behaves as if Linux is its property.”

Microsoft announced the release of SQL Server on Linux, as well as prepares the operating system based on Debian for network devices. In addition, the company entered into Eclipse Foundation.

But along with these events have taken place, and others are much less pleasant heart supporter of the GPL and open source software. We are talking about trying to patent the technology already implemented Ubuntu, it is as well as the threat of patent lawsuits in the Acer, which were eliminated only at the expense of an agreement on the preset software from Microsoft.

This scheme works with Android, from manufacturers of devices on this system Microsoft annually receives $ 3 billion, with one third of this amount - from Samsung. And such a scheme the company is trying to “crank up” against Linux more since 2006. We are talking about a patent lawsuit against Novell.

Now, Microsoft is trying to patent the technology wirelessly smartphone peripherals. The principle of using a smartphone is already implemented in the Continuum, but wireless connections - Ubuntu Phone prerogative. And it is not the only case when the Redmond company is using someone else’s ideas, patenting them as their own. Similarly, Microsoft sued the manufacturer Android-plates the Nook, the company Barnes & amp; Nobles, lay claim to the patents of things such as image browser, scalable upload progress bar, the backlight of the selected text, and things like that. In general, Apple with its iPad design patents are not alone in endeavors to monopolize the market to earn more.

These actions forced manufacturers to inflate prices for end devices, since the cost is now included, and Microsoft royalties. Publication TechRights writes about this: “Microsoft in the courts insist that Linux is its intellectual property, and now she behaves as if Linux is its property.”.

16 March 2016

Ministry of Communications disrupted timing of the introduction of import software in government agencies. Register Russian software for officials proved inoperative
The company will develop Gregory Berezkina Russian mobile OS (the “Open Mobile Platform,” calculates based on Linux to create a competitor to Android)

• Fund Freelance sending comments to the Committee on Trade U.S. »»»
Consistently continuing to fight for wider adoption of open technologies.
• Motorola needs to stop the spread of informal firmware on your phone. »»»
Motorola has had to cease distribution of unofficial firmware Froyo Droid X ROM for phones Droid X, threatening a lawsuit.
• Linux-based devices will move non-profit alliance Linaro, who created the ARM, IBM, Samsung, Texas Instruments, ST-Ericsson, and Freescale »»»
The creators of the alliance expects that Linaro will stimulate the emergence of devices that use a system based on the crystal (SoC).
• April 29 Canonical releases Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS »»»
The company Canonical, commercial sponsor of Linux-distro Ubuntu, today issued a notice to its partners that on April 29, will offer an updated version of its operating system Ubuntu Linux 10.
• Adobe joined the Linux-community LiMo »»»
American Adobe and three more companies joined the group of LiMo, unites mobile developers on the kernel Linux, stressing the growing role of the operating system in mobile phones.