Ministry of Communications disrupted timing of the introduction of import software in government agencies. Register Russian software for officials proved inoperative

Established by the Government of the Russian import regime software in state agencies proved inoperative. With the January 2016 state agencies are obliged to buy Russian software (software), which information is stored in a special register of domestic software and foreign software can be purchased in the absence of Russian analogues or their lack of functionality. But due to lack of necessary bylaws officials continue to freely buy foreign software.

Ministry of Communications has not published on time regulations governing the implementation of government regulations requirements “On the establishment of the ban on the software tolerance originating from foreign countries for procurement purposes for state and municipal needs”, which was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on November 16 2015. According to the decree, with the January 1, 2016 the Russian state agencies are required to purchase the software, which information is stored in the registry of the domestic software and foreign software can be purchased in the absence of Russian analogues in the registry or lack of functionality.

In the two months since the signing of the decision, ie until 16 January, Ministry of Communications had to approve the position of the advisory council, which decides on the inclusion of software in the register of domestic software and programs classifier for computer programs and databases containing the characteristics of software on that it belongs to a particular class of software. In addition, approved by Resolution of the “Rules of formation and maintenance of a single register of Russian computer programs and databases,” says that the Ministry of Communications shall appoint the official website of the registry of domestic software and operating company, which will be responsible for keeping the register. of elections must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the PPL.

According to the National Association of E-Commerce, in 2014 the most popular software developer for the Russian public sector was, SAP, making it bought 5.6 billion rubles. They are followed by Oracle (4,6 bln.), IBM (3,3 bln.), Microsoft (3,05 billion rubles.) And Cisco (1,9 bln.). According to the Ministry of Communications, now the share of import of client and mobile OS is 95%, server operating systems - 75%, database management systems - 86%, controls the cloud infrastructure and virtualization - 93%, and custom office software - 97%.

In early December last year, Ministry of Communications published on the public portal draft order of determining the official registry operator of the site, as well as a draft of the classifier software. Both documents are to date have not been registered and published. The official internet-portal of legal information created at the Ministry of Communications ten orders 16 November, none of which does not apply to works procurement mechanism on government agencies. The two interlocutors “b” familiar with the document matching process, argue that the papers were sent for registration to the Ministry of Justice with violations, and therefore have not been registered, and the Ministry of Communications is now correct mistakes made in them. The site of public procurement for the same time Ministry of Communications announced a tender 62, none of which did not concern the choice of the company - operator of the registry software. The Ministry of Communications did not respond to the request “b”, the Ministry of Justice reported that orders for the approval of the classifier and determining the official registry website came to the Ministry for registration only last night.

Due to the absence of these documents by the Ministry of Communications Decree introduced import software mode in state agencies on the fact of not working. Thus, the press service of the Ministry of Communications on January 13 announced the launch of the national registry software at The two sides “Kommersant” noted that in the absence of the above documents this website is not legal registry. They agree, and advisor to the law firm Herbert Smith Freehills Stanislav Grigoriev: “If the site is not approved by any by-law, the order of the Ministry of Communications or the decision of the government, the official registry, he will not.” In addition, in the absence of provisions on the advisory council advisory council is also now acting is not legal, said a source “b”.

Ministry of Communications published the composition of the expert council on its website December 31, 2015, it included representatives of the Ministry of Communications, Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Defense, the Federal Antimonopoly Service, the Ministry of Finance and the head of Russian IT-companies. “The situation is not clear. I think that, until not approved the Regulation on the Board and the registry will be approved at the level of by-law, any decision that the Board will not be accepted, at least their official registration will be delayed until as long as data regulations will not be accepted “, - said Stanislav Grigoriev.

Now, however, in the registry at has added information about the three software products from companies 1C and “Red Soft”, approved by the selected expert advice. At the same time officially published the decision of the expert council on these software products do not find.

Meanwhile, state agencies still continue to buy foreign software vendors. Since January 13, the Volgograd MBU “City Information Center” announced an electronic auction for the provision of licenses granted under the agreement Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Subscription with a maximum value 7.1 million rubles., At the same time the impossibility of publishing a study of a similar purchase Russian software as as the information they do not exist in the registry of domestic software. Territorial Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) announced the auction for the purchase of an Oracle database with a maximum price of 357 thousand. Rub., And the administration of the city district of the city Sterlitamak Bashkortostan buys kits Microsoft Office software for 99 thous. Rub.

Maria Kolomychenko

18 February 2016

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