42% of Dell computers sold in China a Linux

The head of Dell’s China representative said The Wall Street Journal, that 42 percent of all computers in the company being sold in the local market, have a preset operating system based on GNU / Linux.

Dell presets on their computers for the Chinese market OS NeoKylin. Dell - the first Western partner of China Standard Software to install the operating system on computers NeoKylin. The second was HP.

Despite the fact that 42% of PCs installed in China NeoKylin, the authors warn of the WSJ that in China widespread piracy, however, in reality may have many users themselves repositioned on Windows computers purchased.

18 September 2015

VMware has launched its own operating system based on Linux Photon
Available Linux-distro Ubuntu 15.10

• Internet cafes in China move to Red Flag Linux »»»
The authorities of the Chinese city Nancheng demanded that all the Internet - cafe of the city switched from OS Microsoft Windows XP operating system to the Chinese Red Flag Linux.
• China released a computer with a processor sobestvennoy development, and running Linux »»»
China started selling computers that use the processor’s own creation, management and operating system Linux.
• Released version Yandex Browser for Linux users »»»
Today Yandex Browser Beta updated to the new version 14.10, which tested several fairly major innovations.
• Microsoft may interfere with Linux on computers shipped with Windows 8 »»»
Matthew Garrett (Matthew Garrett), one of the developers of the Linux kernel of Red Hat.
• The company will develop Gregory Berezkina Russian mobile OS (the "Open Mobile Platform," calculates based on Linux to create a competitor to Android) »»»
The Innopolis started the development of Russia's mobile operating system, the message says Minister of Communications and Mass Media Nikolai Nikiforov in his tweet.