Feminist created a fork of the Linux kernel in response to the categorical statements of Linus Torvalds

After more categorical statements of the author and main developer of the Linux kernel Linus Torvalds (Linus Torvalds) Community Feminist Software Foundation introduced the world to the next fork leading Open Source-project

Project ToleranUX - fork kernel Linux, created on GitHub, on behalf of the Foundation software from feminists (Feminist Software Foundation) *. For his appearance should Shanley Kane (Shanley Kane), founder of the IT publication “Model View Culture” (the owner is listed organization Feminist Technology Collective, Inc). Shanley: “Linux without Linus Torvalds - this is the best community that is more independent and able to self-determination.”

19 January 2015

Released version Yandex Browser for Linux users
Microsoft first launched its Azure service that runs on Linux

• Oracle passes control to the project free OpenOffice.org community »»»
Oracle has announced its intention to convert OpenOffice.org office suite of applications to the project.
• Linux kernel was 20 years old! »»»
Today marks the official birthday of Linux. After 5 months of development August 25, 1991 a 21-year-old student, Linus Torvalds announced in a teleconference comp.
• Автор Linux получил Millennium Technology Prize - аналог Нобелевской премии мира в технологиях »»»
Линус Торвальдс (Linus Torvalds) - “отец” операционной системы GNU/Linux - получил премию Millennium Technology Prize этого года.
• Aware is not quite clear prospects for Mandriva Linux, the leading developers decided to create a fork called Mageia »»»
Most developers of Mandriva was dismissed for the Elimination of Edge-IT.
• Linux-Kernel war 20 Jahre alt! »»»
Der heutige Tag markiert den offiziellen Geburtstag von Linux. Nach 5 Monaten Entwicklungszeit 25.