General Director of Microsoft: We love Linux

On Monday, in the midst of his speech on the extent of clouds Azure, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (Satya Nadella) paused to point out that Microsoft loves Linux.

“Microsoft loves Linux. Twenty percent Azure already on Linux. This is what I want everyone to know,” - said Satya Nadella. Under the 20% refers to the guest machines that users choose to workloads. They run in a virtual machine in Hyper-V Azure, while the hosts are the nodes running Windows Server, and here it is unlikely that anything will change.

22 October 2014

Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will arrive soon on Linux
Ubuntu is 10 years old!

• Microsoft first launched its Azure service that runs on Linux »»»
Sirosh Joseph (Joseph Sirosh), corporate vice president of Microsoft, announced the release of the first product of this company to work with large data intended for Linux.
• Director of the Linux Foundation: Microsoft, we have already won everywhere except in desktops. The battle is over »»»
Linus Torvalds began developing an operating system kernel in April 1991.
• Service appeared to update the Linux-kernel without rebooting the system »»»
Today Ksplice Inc. announced the official launch service Uptrack, providing the possibility of updating Linux-kernel servers without the need to reboot systems.
• Microsoft erste seiner Azure Service, der auf Linux läuft gestartet »»»
Sirosh Joseph (Joseph Sirosh), Corporate Vice President von Microsoft kündigte die Veröffentlichung der ersten Produkt des Unternehmens.
• Free OS was not worse paid »»»
We publish a response to the “personal experience” I bought a netbook with Linux and all the cursed.