Porting new version of Opera for Linux is stopped and considered unwise

Andreas Tolfsen, former leader of the group to maintain infrastructure in the company Opera Software, who recently joined to work in Mozilla, commented on the situation with the creation of Linux-version of the new edition of the browser Opera, translated into technology Chromium (Opera 15 and newer releases). It is reported that the first time Opera engineers in their spare time have been working to address the challenges and adapting codebase Opera for Linux, which was for them a kind of hobby.

The company’s management has indicated that the Linux user base is too small to create a product release for this platform and recommended to do more useful things related to the solution of the existing problems in the browser on OS X platforms and Windows. Thus attempts enthusiasts to discuss issues related to the development of Linux-version in their spare time, often ridiculed and accompanied inappropriate jokes, such as “first you need to rebuild the kernel.”

Such actions and attempts to translate the manual workers using Linux on other platforms uncomfortable for them significantly undermined the overall motivation for the development of the product. In particular, Andreas Tolfsen therefore resigned from the company and stopped using the browser Opera, which was in development for many years.

28 January 2014

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