Intel has developed a 64-bit version of Android for the new generation Atom processors

In the coming year, the leading manufacturers of Android-devices are planning to move en masse to the use of 64-bit processors, so chipmakers are rushing to meet the demand, suddenly emerged late last year after the release of iPhone 5S.

Intel reported on the successful completion of the development of a special 64-bit version of the kernel Android, adapted to the new chips microarchitecture Silvermont, which will be the basis for solutions for smartphones and Merrifield Bay Trail for Tablet PCs and other hybrid devices.

Despite the lack of reliable information from Google about official support for 64-bit chips in Android, during a press conference at CES 2014, Intel representatives said they have successfully completed the modification of code 64-bit version of the operating system Android 4.4 KitKat to be fully compatible with the new processor family Atom.

At the moment, developers of Intel provided the OS in 64-bit mode on the lower level and the level of the nucleus, whereas other components of the platform from Google will continue to be used in 32-bit form. On the other hand the Linux kernel itself has built-in support for 64-bit architecture, so what changes were made by experts from Intel is not yet clear.

12 January 2014

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