The representative thanked CERN Linux for a key role in the search for the Higgs boson

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The representative of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), spoke at the forum to Reddit speech of thanks to the Linux (specifically, the Scientific Linux distributions and Ubuntu), who played a key role in the discovery of a new boson. “We use Linux every day to conduct our analyzes, together with many Open Source programs such as ROOT, in addition, a Linux based network (grid), which carried out analysis of the experimental data.”

“Theoretically, we could use the Windows or the device to handle the characters written on the tape, but Linux was chosen because it best suited for the job - explains the scientist. - This is a standard platform for parallel computing, and the Large Hadron Collider generates a huge amount of information to process, so our choice is dictated by the same logic, which operates in choosing Linux for parallel computing. Of course, it is important that the operating system was free, open and secure (Scientific Linux - it’s basically, Red Hat Linux) ” . The representative noted the support of CERN Alpine and OpenAFS distribution in Scientific Linux.

Another aim was to enable every research lab to create their own distribution, without touching the main base. They used the scripts and Anaconda installer to easily create your own distribution based on Scientific Linux.

7 July 2012

Excess dropped a second Linux
Google introduced Android 4.4 and the Nexus 5

• Linux will become public »»»
State worried about the problem of establishing a national operating system and expects to begin development in the near future.
• Command and control combat drones the U.S. transferred from Windows to Linux »»»
USAF announced the transfer of command and control combat drones to the Windows operating system running on Linux.
• Open whether the Android? »»»
The operators explained that the phones will open threat network.
• How to slow down Linux in schools: e-books can be read only under Windows. The state spent $ 640 million to promote proprietary software. »»»
On the infrastructure of e-books for schools spent more than 640 million rubles.
• In schools where you installed Linux with parents collect money for licensed Windows »»»
Our children learn in grade school № 5. And we are asked to hand over money for the program “Microsoft” for the lessons of computer science.