Excess dropped a second Linux

What happened last night, adding an extra second to the last hour to sync with an astronomical month has been very detrimental to the mass of the Linux server (judging by the comments, especially Debian). For example, fell ThePirateBay, have occurred Reddit problems with java server, many fell off OpenVPN. Those who attended to the problem in advance, helped temporarily disable ntpd (which is somewhat bizarre, because the bug is known since at least March).
The last time before this leap second bug pop up in 2009 with RedHat, then the lock was found in the kernel function xtime_lock.

In this century, a second twisted three times already - December 31, 2005 and 2008, well, yesterday, June 30, 2012. Problems with FreeBSD and Windows with them were noticed.

1 July 2012

Russian Linux questioned
The representative thanked CERN Linux for a key role in the search for the Higgs boson

• Microsoft may interfere with Linux on computers shipped with Windows 8 »»»
Matthew Garrett (Matthew Garrett), one of the developers of the Linux kernel of Red Hat.
• The day of his fifteenth Wine "unreleased" under version 1.0 »»»
Developers Wine, a free implementation of Windows API for * NIX-systems, reported that version 1.
• В день своего пятнадцатилетия Wine "зарелизится" под версией 1.0 »»»
Разработчики Wine, свободной реализации Windows API для *NIX-систем, сообщили, что версия 1.
• Porting new version of Opera for Linux is stopped and considered unwise »»»
Andreas Tolfsen, former leader of the group to maintain infrastructure in the company Opera Software.
• У день свого п'ятнадцятиріччя Wine "зарелізітся" під версією 1.0 »»»
Розробники Wine, вільної реалізації Windows API для * NIX-систем, повідомили, що версія 1.