U.S. drones will fly on Linux

For security reasons, the U.S. government decided to completely convert the park unmanned military aircraft on Linux.

U.S. Military Logistics Management has announced plans to spend about $ 28 million for the adoption of Linux in the ground control stations, unmanned aerial vehicles. This was reported by the press-service informs.

According to The Register, the decision to switch to Linux is dictated by security considerations. “After last year, hackers broke into the control system of unmanned aircraft of the Air Force U.S. baziruyuschuyuusya on Windows, the Army has decided to completely switch to Linux”, - says the resource.

Recall that the incident occurred in September 2011, then ground control system of unmanned aerial vehicles was infected with a virus that came from an external hard drive.

18 June 2012

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• Command and control combat drones the U.S. transferred from Windows to Linux »»»
USAF announced the transfer of command and control combat drones to the Windows operating system running on Linux.
• U.S. unmanned fighter jets now fly under Linux »»»
The control system of unmanned aircraft the U.S. Air Force, formerly based on Windows XP, was moved to Linux.
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USAF verkündete den Transfer von Kommando und Kontrolle Kampfdrohnen zum Windows-Betriebssystem auf Linux.
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Die Steuerung von unbemannten Flugzeugen der US-Air Force, ehemals unter Windows XP basiert, wurde zu Linux gewechselt.
• De commandement et de contrôle du combat drones des États-Unis transférés à partir de Windows à Linux »»»
USAF a annoncé le transfert de drones contre le commandement et le contrôle au système d’exploitation Windows sur Linux.