Spain captured a series of Open Source-initiatives

Of the Spanish public sector, a wave of initiatives related to open source software. Over the past month, just three autonomous regions of Spain, one after another announced the launch of programs to develop, promote and support open source software on its territory.

The regional administration of the Spanish Basque Country announced its intention to open the code for all software applications and systems developed for state agencies in the region. The only exception is the software that directly affects the security of the state, as well as several projects developed in conjunction with commercial software vendors.

Meanwhile, the government of Galicia announced that it intends to facilitate the implementation of open source software in companies, public institutions and government agencies in the region. In addition, Galicia considers the prospects of state institutions on the migration office suite open source.

Finally, just before authorities of the autonomous region of Aragon announced plans to develop Open Source-segment of the regional IT market. The Government intends to simplify the Open Source-developers to find customers, build the links between companies producing open source software, and public institutions and companies …

5 June 2012

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• Ministers call for IT in Europe to introduce open source software »»»
Minister of Communications and Information Technology Europe published a collective letter to state agencies to use open source software and open standards.
• Ukraine will create a public Linux »»»
In order to save budget in Ukraine will develop a package of open source software for government agencies.
• "United Russia" supported the development of Russia's Linux »»»
“United Russia” supported the creation of Russia’s Linux Chairman of the
• "United Russia" supported the creation of Russia's Linux »»»
Chairman of the State Duma and head of United Russia “Boris Gryzlov said Russia supported the idea of creating an operating system-based software with open source software (ACT).
• Minkosvyazi intends to transfer to the state authorities on open source software »»»
Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications intends to recommend for using in the APA with free software.