Mono developers have submitted XobotOS, Android port in C #

The company Xamarin, dealing with the developm[t:tag slug=razrabotchik]development of the project Mono, presented a draft XobotOS, in which the port is created by the Android platform 4, in which all components of the Java-transcribed in the language C #. Converting Java to C # performed using semi-automatic translation methods. As a platform Android, code XobotOS licensed under Apache.

According to the developers, the use of Mono virtual machine could cause a significant increase performance and reduce memory consumption, compared with the performance of Java-code, running a virtual machine Dalvik. For automatic translation of source code in Java to C # has been involved Improved Tools Sharpen. Manual has been rewritten code associated with providing integration with the underlying operating system and code Java JNI, used to call functions in C language.

To ensure the machine translation tool Sharpen had significantly refined, adding support for Java-enhanced structures used in the code of Android. In particular, it adds support for Java generics, provided the translation process based on the XML-rules provided in the conversion of Java types types of C #, added support for broadcast code, interacting with nizkourovnemymi native functions, added support for attributes and improved the process of incremental compilation.

The development is considered as a research project and not intended to develop as a new product. Nevertheless, some trained in the process of creating XobotOS design will be used in the version of Mono for Android. For example, when working with graphics instead of the previous layer in the Java-Mono is planned to involve a direct appeal to the library Skia. The project is already functional, suitable for running and can be used for the experiments. MonoDevelop is written for a special plugin that allows you to create applications for XobotOS originally written in C #, but not on Java.

31 May 2012

Released Linux-Fedora distribution 17
Analysts: Innovation in 2012 will be based on open source

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The Innopolis started the development of Russia's mobile operating system, the message says Minister of Communications and Mass Media Nikolai Nikiforov in his tweet.
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