The author received the Linux Millennium Technology Prize - an analogue of the Nobel Peace Prize in technology

Linus Torvalds (Linus Torvalds) - “father” of the operating system GNU / Linux - won the Millennium Technology Prize this year.

Awards Millennium Technology Prize awarded in 2004, once in two years, in recognition of the technological innovations that increase the quality of human life.

Speaking about the merits of Linus to create Linux, the representatives of the Finnish Academy of Technology separately noted that this development is classified as free software. Jim Zemlin (Jim Zemlin), the governing non-profit organization The Linux Foundation, compares the Millennium Technology Prize from the Nobel Peace Prize just in technology.

The second owner of the Millennium Technology Prize this year was a Japanese scientist Xingyi Yamanaka, famous throughout the world produce induced pluripotent stem cells.

19 April 2012

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• The creator of Linux received the Millennium Award technological »»»
Linus Torvalds was awarded the Prize of the Millennium Technology (Millennium Technology Prize 2012).
• Der Schöpfer von Linux erhielt das Millennium Award technologischen »»»
Linus Torvalds wurde mit dem Preis der Millennium-Technologiepreis (Millennium Technology Prize 2012) ausgezeichnet.
• Le créateur de Linux a reçu le Prix du millénaire technologique »»»
Linus Torvalds s’est vu décerner le Prix de la technologie du millénaire (Millennium Technology Prize 2012).
• Analysts: Innovation in 2012 will be based on open source »»»
Analysts argue that open source encourages innovation development in the major segments of the technology, including mobile technology, cloud computing and “big data”.
• "ROSA" opens the source code of free software development ROSA ABF »»»
The company “ROSA” announces the beta release of the development of free software ROSA ABF.