Medvedev before leaving Russia to introduce free license

On behalf of President Medvedev prepared to amend the Civil Code, providing for the free license[[t:tag slug=licenziya]license in Russia. They will be incorporated in the State Duma on the second reading of an existing package of amendments.

The mention of free licenses still will be in Russian legislation. The promise that appeared today in the blog of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

According to the President, the amendment relating to the free licenses will be incorporated into new editions of the Civil Code during the second reading of the bill in Gosudme.

Speaking on his blog about the Internet and the interaction of state institutions, the President paid a one-paragraph “legal regulation of relations within the network.”

He recalled how in 2011 instructed to prepare proposals to amend the legislation so that the authors of the works were entitled to authorize the distribution and variation of their works to the public.

In fact, when Dmitry Medvedev said the legislative recognition in Russia, the so-called “free license”, the domestic counterpart GNU, Creative Commons and other existing forms of free licensing.

Typically, distributed under a free license software products, related to the category of open source software, but this practice also applies to literary, musical and artistic works. In some cases, free involves the refusal of authors to pay for his labor or his fee at the discretion of the user. Often willing to allow free license to modify the released product.

Under a free license, in particular, distributed operating system Linux, the OS family of BSD, database PostgreSQL, LibreOffice office suite and OpenOffice, and many other software products. Published under a free license Wikipedia.

18 April 2012

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