In schools where you installed Linux with parents collect money for licensed Windows

Our children learn in grade school № 5. And we are asked to hand over money for the programMicrosoft” for the lessons of computer science. Why not? We do not have science, the more that schools establish a program for free “Linux.”
Elena, Svetlana, Nicholas

Natalia Perfilieva, director of the school № 5, explains why they do it. On January 1, 2012 under the orders of the Ministry of Education in the schools began installing a free software system “Linux”. This program has its indisputable advantages, such as resistance to viruses. Established “Linux” and in the school № 5. And faced with a problem: at home, then all is “Microsoft”! So, what teachers do at home to prepare for lessons, and students on homework, play on school computers is impossible. Moreover, it appears that the “Linux” refuse to work printers, interactive whiteboards, projectors, purchased specifically for the “Microsoft” drives with visual information for their lessons. There were some difficulties in accounting schools, leading all the calculations in the program “Microsoft.”

Since buying the license for the system and office software from this company of the Ministry of Education has no plans, the schools have to get out of this problem yourself. That is, with parents.

Igor Ryabokon, science teacher school number 24, came to be represented by “Microsoft”. They offered a reduced price, provided that the school will be a few. Those in our town had accumulated 15. Now, each will have to calculate the number of licenses required and to agree to their parents about fundraising.
Parents should note that in high schools teach and work at the enterprises of the “Microsoft.” A computer in the school begins with the second class. And if you pouchastvuete in this case, children will learn to work in the two systems. And two of the program is always better than one.

10 April 2012

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