Linux will ensure the secrecy of defense contracts (ASG “State Defense Order” is almost ready, it remains to establish private communication channels between users)

Work on the creation of the state automated system, “State Defense Order” (ASG “SDO”) is nearing completion. The system, which, according to the plan, defense officials to facilitate the life and eliminate the frustrations and delays in the negotiation and execution of defense contracts, may enter into service in the fall.

As told to “News” Vladimir Minaev, General Director of JSC “Control”, which won the tender to develop the system, the CEO, “SDO” will work on the Russian spetskompyuterah “Elbrus” with domestic operating system Astra Linux Special Edition, certified for use in documents marked ” Top Secret. ” Machines are connected to each other a closed line of communication, like a government bond ATS-1 and ATS-2.

- Initially, subscribers will be the officials of 40 ministries and agencies involved in the formation and execution of Goza. In the future the system will connect more than 5 thousand heads of defense companies - told Minaev.

He added that using the system, users can monitor the performance of defense contracts, to arrange a video conference with any staff, look for suppliers for their products, keep statistics, and much more. And all this in a secure environment from penetrating.

According to Minaev, the core of the system becomes complex of original programs to automate everything processes of formation and realization of Goza - from concept design and creation of a new type of weapons to disposal.

In addition, based on data from previous years, the system will simulate the possible risks of each operation in the future, which will facilitate the decision the directors of factories, which of their designs can be implemented now, and which is held until better times.

- This information will help customers on the one hand to exclude from Goza obviously unrealizable projects, and on the other - really highlight breakthrough projects and protect them against negligent officials, - said Vladimir Minaev.

In addition, the system will automatically generate all the necessary projects for the implementation of Goza documents and if necessary, prompt them to make adjustments.

For the data in the system are accurate, they will be periodically checked against a database of the Federal Tax Service, Federal Service for Defense Orders and other ministries and departments.

Depending on the powers of officers will vary the degree of access to the Presidential Administration, Government, Defense and other ministries and agencies involved in providing military equipment of the Russian army.

Even before the start of the system in the defense complex there were disgruntled.

Surrounded by the First Deputy Minister of Defense Alexander Sukhorukov, responsible for the state defense order, “Izvestia”, explained that the timing of the introduction of the CEO, “SDO” delayed.

- Make the system for five years, and in it the mass defects. Chief - still among agencies do not have a closed channel ……

20 March 2012

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