Russian companies are ready to take on the development and support for Mandriva

Companies “Linux-center”, “Penguin Software”, “ROSA” and issued a joint statement which declared their readiness to assume responsibility for developm[t:tag slug=razvitie]development and support of the operating system Mandriva, in connection with a possible bankruptcy process of software development center in Mandriva of France. These companies are willing to develop and maintain the distribution, form the product line brand, to provide its technical support and distribution in Russia. The free software model allows the use of all your past achievements Mandriva.

In 2007-2011, Russia had established a full-scale infrastructure development, development and support of free software, marketed under the brand Mandriva. It involved such companies as “Linux-center” and “Penguin Software” (technical support), “ROSA” (development) and (distribution). In 2011, Russian companies have already published a number of assemblies based on Mandriva, including Mandriva / ROSA Desktop 2011, ROSA Desktop 2011 Extended Editon and EduMandriva 2011.

Among the most interesting and innovative components of the distribution, developed by the initiative and by the specialists of “ROSA”, / blogs / zayavlenie-kompanii-rosa-o-situatsii-vok \ “> noted the following components:

Scope - product of the integrated service users (including automated Center Tracking and monitoring of the decision);

Sync - cloud technology and service synchronization and data storage;

TimeFrame - fast search tool for documents, images and video clips, conveniently visualized in chronological order;
RocketBar - fast and easy way to launch applications and switch between them;

SimpleWelcome - visual choice of applications grouped by functional purpose;
StackFolder - fast and easy user access to most used folders and files;

Recycled file manager Dolphin.
Reworked login manager KDM.

A single graphical theme ROSA includes a set of icons, a common theme for QT / GTK applications, a set of cursors, subject to GRUB, Plymouth, KDE Splash.

13 January 2012

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