Ministry of Communications has approved the national prototypes of the software platform

Ministry of Communic[t:tag slug=kommunikaciya]Communications has taken the company “Penguin Software,” the results of the project “National Software Platform” (GMP).

Certificate of acceptance signed by the Deputy Minister of Communications Ilya Massukh. Development of “Penguin Software” recommended for use as a basis for further work on the creation of GMP.

Progress reports “Penguin Software” deposited in the Ministry of Communications of November. Among the materials included preliminary design of NPP, terms of reference for further development, patent research and 14 prototypes of the software, including operating system, build system and database management system (DBMS).

Part of the department provided the materials published on the website “Penguin Software.” Other documents and prototypes of the components of NPP will be released if it would agree Ministry of Communications, said in a news release.

“Penguin Software,” invited the Ministry of Communications did not create a “reference” operating system, and adapt to the needs of some existing NPP distributions Linux: Alt Linux, “MSVSfera”, “Red Hat Enterprise Linux” and “Rosa.”

The main goal of SPE is called cost savings for the purchase of software. Begin implementation of a platform in government agencies is planned for 2013, but the pilot testing should start as early as 2012.

28 December 2011

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