TOP 5 predictions about Linux in 2012

Website Technewsworld published that the new will happen in their opinion in the Linux world in the next year:

1. Domination of Linux in cloud computing will grow

2. In the PaaS (Platform as Service) cloud-based Linux will prevail

3. Android retaliate

It is believed that next year the Android rid of most of the patent claims. Also - there will be new version of Android, which in technological and marketing plan will be better than all competitors

4. Linux will make a big push in the automotive market

Linux and Android in general, in particular the mass of cars come to market. Companies such as Toyota, BMW and Nissan have already expressed their support for Linux in their cars. And the fact that they are not alone, showed a recent auto show in Japan

5. Linux on desktops will die

Some people think that Linux is increasingly becoming a platform for both server and inforastrukturnoy. And also widely used in mobile phones and tablet. In connection with this purely desktop operating systems will gradually die. Users will increasingly move to work in a cloud with a variety of mobile devices. In this connection it is necessary to dekstopnyh OS will fall. Even the desktop operating system will be administered and be in the clouds and the differences between desktops from servers almost leveled.

18 December 2011

EBay introduced, SQL-like language to communicate with the web-services
Ministry of Communications has approved the national prototypes of the software platform

• Adobe joined the Linux-community LiMo »»»
American Adobe and three more companies joined the group of LiMo, unites mobile developers on the kernel Linux, stressing the growing role of the operating system in mobile phones.
• Director of the Linux Foundation: Microsoft, we have already won everywhere except in desktops. The battle is over »»»
Linus Torvalds began developing an operating system kernel in April 1991.
• Clipboards with a specialized version of the Ubuntu OS will appear in 2011 »»»
Canonical is preparing a version of the operating system Ubuntu, optimized for Tablet PCs, says a source, referring to the head of the company.
• Mobile Linux-Intel Moblin platform and Nokia Maemo combined »»»
Today at the event, Mobile World Congress 2010, held in Barcelona (Spain).
• Mobile Linux starts expansion »»»
According to the research firm forecasts ABI Research, the number of mobile phones and handheld devices running Linux in the next five years will increase dramatically.