EBay introduced ql.io, SQL-like language to communicate with the web-services

EBay has submitted a draft ql.io, in which prepared the implementation of a declarative domain-specific language for the formation of the samples, acting as a superstructure over the traditional Web API of existing services. Ql.io language based on the ideas and uses a SQL data manipulation when the format JSON. The project objective is to reduce development time by simplifying the process of working with data through the use of more familiar and intuitive querying mechanisms. The source code ql.io written in JavaScript and released under Apache.

The most justified in ql.io mash applications that manipulate data from disparate web-services, such as combining queries and API Google Maps API eBay. With ql.io data from different Web API, processed into single operations of union and aggregation, as well as about the SELECT statement retrieves data from several different tables. Using ql.io developers no longer need to look at every step on the characteristics of various Web API service, once is enough to determine their specification and in the future to address them through a unified interface.

5 December 2011

The French government has announced a tender for IT companies in the commercial support for open source software, which is used for the government of the country
TOP 5 predictions about Linux in 2012

• WebMoney has released an application to control the purse strings on computers running the Linux operating system »»»
Now, for users of Linux are available all the WebMoney
• "ROSA" opens the source code of free software development ROSA ABF »»»
The company “ROSA” announces the beta release of the development of free software ROSA ABF.
• Mono developers have submitted XobotOS, Android port in C # »»»
The company Xamarin, dealing with the development of the project Mono.
• London Stock Exchange completed its transfer of primary systems on Linux »»»
Completed implementation of the trading platform Millennium Exchange. The main part of the new platform is written in C + + and runs under SUSE Linux.
• WebMoney a publié une application pour contrôler les cordons de la bourse sur les ordinateurs exécutant le système d'exploitation Linux »»»
Maintenant, pour les utilisateurs de Linux sont disponibles tous les