The French government has announced a tender for IT companies in the commercial support for open source software, which is used for the government of the country

Prior to January 9, 2012 ICT service providers will compete for a contract worth 2 million euros.

Three-year contract includes maintenance of computer systems in the office of French Prime Minister and the Ministries of Defence, Foreign Affairs, Justice, Labor, Education, Culture, Sports, and many others. Organizer of the tender - Department of Information Systems at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to Le Monde Informatique, the contract covers more than ten different areas, which includes support for hundreds of packages. Among these operating systems (Debian and CentOS), and virtualization tools (KVM 2), server software (Apache, Tomcat, JOnAS, various CMS) and database (MySQL, PostgreSQL).

The commercial also need the support of desktop applications (OpenOffice, putty, Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, Lightning, Scribus, VLC, 7zip, VNC, Blender), network tools (Ethereal, Jmeter, Nagios), security tools (Tripwire, OpenSSL), means access control and e-mail applications (OpenLDAP, Sendmail) and software to work with the documentation (Nuxeo, Ezpublish, Alfresco).

In addition, the government seeks to gain support in the development of its software on a number of languages, including Java, PHP, Perl, Ruby and jRuby. In the process of creating software is used IDE Eclipse framework and Struts, as well as a set of open development tools such as Bugzilla, Hudson, JUnit, Eclipse, Subversion and Git. Commercial software and requires a number of libraries that are used in government software - Hibernate, Spring and various products Apache. Full list of packages that need support, takes more than five pages.

Special mission for all bidders is to develop a plan of action in emergency situations. The government wants to protect themselves in cases where the community, for example, suddenly stops the development of any of the supported programs.

The need for quality commercial support is clear: France has long been known for its commitment to an open software. The French authorities were in favor of the use of free software in the early millennium, when was the first step towards Open Source: Project 2004 ADELE, in which the desktop open source software have been installed on almost all workstations and servers have been transferred in 1500 from Windows NT on Mandrake.

Now open source software used in the French state organizations everywhere. French parliament workstations use Linux, along with an office suite, Firefox and open e-mail clients. Linux is also used in the French National Assembly, whose work provides nearly 1,000 PCs with Ubuntu. In 2010, Ubuntu and penetrated into the French police - the transition from Windows XP to the distribution of Canonisal annually save millions of euros gendarmerie.

Meanwhile, in Russia, such tenders will not be productive, experts say.

30 November 2011

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