Prototypes of the Russian NPP will be based on platforms Red Hat and Mandriva. In the development will bring together the world’s leading providers of Linux-

Government funding, the program only NPP in 2011-2012 is planned in the amount of 490 million rubles.

The composition may enter CRUCIFIED Red Hat, Suse, Canonical (the commercial sponsor of the project Ubuntu), and Mandriva. These Linux-providers will participate in crucified on the Rights of the associate members will be included in a council of experts. It is assumed that the named company will contribute to the creation of a national operating system.

Subject to the successful implementation of the national share of the operating system on the Russian market (excluding government agencies) is not less than 2% by 2012 and at least 5% - by 2013.

In September, won the contest “Penguin Software” (as Mandriva, owned by NGI Reiman). “Do not” Penguin “won the competition, and CRUCIFIED agreed an advance two companies, and if he wins the conduct of work together,” - says the company’s CEO, Dmitry Komissarov. Foreign companies can participate in the creation of SPE, if the “Penguin” won the competition for her creation, he says.

Recently, the company went CRUCIFIED Alt Linux (25% owned by “Russian Technologies”), considered the main contender to win the contest. And last week, CRUCIFIED left four academic institute. According to Komissarov, Alt Linux revenue for 2011 - 20-25 million rubles. And the total revenue CRUCIFIED members - about 1.5 billion rubles., Or 60-70% of the total Linux market in Russia. Representatives of two of the four emerged from CRUCIFIED institutions were never at the meetings of association, he says.

Now, CRUCIFIED will be presented only foreign Linux developers and resellers of Russian and GMP prototypes will be based on two systems - from Red Hat and Mandriva, says CEO Alt Linux Alexei Smirnov. Alt Linux out of the CRUCIFIED because of disagreements about the development: “For us the key - in-house development.” Alt Linux itself is not a major development in Russia and uses standard tools Linux, objects Commissioners. And Mandriva is already 60 of 80 developers working in Russia, he added.

17 October 2011

Microsoft may interfere with Linux on computers shipped with Windows 8
The developer of “national platform” has reported on assignments of the competition

• The developer of "national platform" has reported on assignments of the competition »»»
Company “Penguin Software” reported on the implementation of the competitive job development component of the national prototypes of the software platform (GMP).
• The Russian government approved the development of national operating system »»»
Government commission on high technology and innovation endorsed the development of a national OS.
• In the world of Russian Linux matures next scandal »»»
August 15, 2011 announced a contest to create a prototype of a national software platform (GMP).
• Linux will become public »»»
State worried about the problem of establishing a national operating system and expects to begin development in the near future.
• "United Russia" supported the development of Russia's Linux »»»
“United Russia” supported the creation of Russia’s Linux Chairman of the