In the world of Russian Linux matures next scandal

August 15, 2011 announced a contest to create a prototype of a national software platform (GMP).

The announcement coincided with the release of “ALT Linux” from the cut (the Russian Association of Free Software) and the departure of Mr Ivannikova as chairman of the Disease. According to rumors circulating in the world of Russian ACT, Ivannikov though wrote a letter of resignation on their own, but in fact it “taken out” for what he called priktyvayas Raspe and not agreeing with his actions with the members of this organization, lobbied interests of the company “ALT Linux” and its owners, the companies “Armada” and the NGO “Sirius” (the latter led Mr. Uhlinov). And according to rumors because of the fact that such activity was detected, and Ivannikov “ALT Linux” are gone from the Disease. Behind his back the rest of Raspe and was prepared for this competition GMP. That the rest of the CRUCIFIED wanted to cancel it by writing a letter (the beginning of the letter and the final part of) the head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Naryshkin. But this contest is so canceled and was not.

In the form in which it was made out of the contest in my opinion, “his ears stick out” of the Lords of Alt Linux and others like them. Competition in its purest form similar to the idea of ​​an old project called “School Linux 1.” Namely, in the “School Linux 1″ as a new contest about the creation of NPP is one big caveat. Actually planned to create a single distribution Linux, which will operate all state agencies. And who will be the de facto standard in Russia. In this case there will be no other alternative, other players will have no place in the market - there will be a competitive environment. This means that all the money goes in one direction.

Exactly as was the case with “School of Linux”, which actually was presented only one distribution - ALT Linux. It was only thanks to the company Pingwin Software, a member of the CC Co., which won the “School Linux 2″, the monopoly distribution of ALT Linux in schools came in part to avoid. But gentlemen Smirnov, Novodvorsky, Uhlinov and their ilk do not give up, and try to take revenge, leaving all other players behind.

A lot of players, members of Raspe, who offer different solutions and different distributions in the marketplace, were united in their desire to make the ecosystem of the Russian market the ACT more diverse. And, in fact, become a proitvopostavlyat the other side of that using the links in the government (remember that Sirius is part of the NGO Concern “Technologies”) promoted only those decisions that they are developing.

This is what the industry currently looks like the ACT in Russia:

+ + VNIINS Corus Lanit + Links + + Center the Linuk NTSPR + Penguin + ROSA is about 1-1.2 billion turnover in the ACT according to conservative estimates. “ALT Linux” - it is only 30 million rubles.

17 September 2011

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• Prototypes of the Russian NPP will be based on platforms Red Hat and Mandriva. In the development will bring together the world's leading providers of Linux- »»»
Government funding, the program only NPP in 2011-2012 is planned in the amount of 490 million rubles.
• The developer of "national platform" has reported on assignments of the competition »»»
Company “Penguin Software” reported on the implementation of the competitive job development component of the national prototypes of the software platform (GMP).
• The Russian government approved the development of national operating system »»»
Government commission on high technology and innovation endorsed the development of a national OS.
• How to slow down Linux in schools: e-books can be read only under Windows. The state spent $ 640 million to promote proprietary software. »»»
On the infrastructure of e-books for schools spent more than 640 million rubles.
• Russian Foundation for NGI buys Linux-company Mandriva and PingWin Software »»»
Foundation with Russian roots “NGI, which attributed to contact with Leonid Reiman.