Started an open testing Windows-based applications to be compatible with national operating

Etersoft company with the support of a member of the state corporation “Russian Technologies” JSC “Concern” Sirius “has organized an open testing of Windows applications for compatibility with the national software platform (GMP).

According to the official site for the national running media, any developer can use the test system on a way to test the Etersoft and its software solutions on Linux, the underlying RPE. To run the programs in Linux use the product WINE @ Etersoft.

To take part in an open testing, software companies need to register, download a virtual image and keep record of the performance of products in the environment of RPE. The data obtained will be used to determine the tasks to finalize the product WINE @ Etersoft, providing Windows-based applications running on Linux.

According to the plans of the Russian Government, a national software platform based on free software in the near future will be used in both public and private companies throughout Russia. “For domestic developers is important today to take care of the compatibility of its solutions with the Enterprise” - reportedly sent out a press release Etersoft.

5 August 2011

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