Release Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7

In this release, increased flexibility, security and stability in the medium Red Hat Enterprise Linux; included a number of features taken from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.

23 July 2011

KDE developers have demanded from the GNOME project to stop using the name “System Settings”
Started an open testing Windows-based applications to be compatible with national operating

• Tokyo Stock Exchange has moved to Linux »»»
Red Hat Enterprise Linux was chosen as the leading exchange
• Changing the version numbers of the Linux kernel was held »»»
Linus Torvalds released kernel version 3.0-rc1. Abolish the use of odd / even numbers to indicate the stability of the nucleus, and the third number tells the stabilization.
• Gnome 2.32 Released »»»
Officially announced release of desktop environments GNOME 2.32, the latter under the stable branch 2.
• ABBYY is released the Linux-version of FineReader Engine 9.0 »»»
ABBYY is announced the availability of Linux-version of a proprietary platform for document recognition, ABBYY FineReader Engine 9.
• Microsoft may interfere with Linux on computers shipped with Windows 8 »»»
Matthew Garrett (Matthew Garrett), one of the developers of the Linux kernel of Red Hat.