KDE developers have demanded from the GNOME project to stop using the name “System Settings”

Starting from the recently released GNOME 3.0, the control panel is called “System Settings”. Subsystem maintainers configuration parameters KDE asked representatives of the GNOME project with the official requirement to rename the program because the KDE project began much earlier use of the name.

The need to rename due to the fact that the distributions are having problems with the delivery of two different programs with the same name, which can be crossed on the menu in case of simultaneous installation of GNOME and KDE. In particular, GNOME startup can not call the setup KDE, for example, to change the settings of the user running KDE applications in GNOME. It should be noted that it would be logical to rename both of them, calling them “KDE System Settings” and “GNOME System Settings” (later a similar proposal was also voiced one of the developers of GNOME).

Representatives of the GNOME responded that renaming will not solve the problem, as seen in the menu “System Settings” and “System Preferences” users will still not be able to distinguish where KDE, and where GNOME. As a workaround, member of the GNOME recommended supply for each version of the program settings on two files “. Desktop”. In the first file by using the flag “OnlyShowIn = KDE | GNOME” to provide a mapping program in the native environment as the “System Settings”. In the second file, use the flag “NotShowIn = KDE | GNOME” to show “KDE System Settings” or “GNOME System Settings” if you are using is not in their native environment. Ie in the KDE menu will display “System Settings” and “GNOME System Settings”, and the menu GNOME - “System Settings” and “KDE System Settings”.

Another developer named member of the KDE project requirement absurd, then offered for one and rename the program to other types of names such as “Terminal” and “calculator”, which also intersect in a variety of desktop environments. In answer was the argument that the program “Terminal” and “Calculator” perform similar functions, and “System Settings” in KDE and GNOME programs are fundamentally different. For the same reason you can not use the option “ShowOnlyIn” to display only the setup used in the current environment, since the user then working in GNOME can not start the configurator KDE. As a workaround, do not mix offered programs in one menu, and display a specific application environment in a separate non-active menu (for example, when working in the GNOME display submenu “Programs KDE”).

As a result, maintainers configure KDE to use the accepted version of the two “. Desktop” files. In KDE settings will still be available as “System Settings”, and in other settings will appear as “KDE System Settings”. However, this decision will not please everyone. Some believe that instead of creating multiple files “. Desktop” is more correct to extend the specification for the contents of files “. Desktop”

23 July 2011

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