Microsoft took seventh place in the ranking of the most active contributors Linux 3.0 kernel

343 changes in the upcoming kernel Linux 3.0 - the handiwork of a developer by the name of K. Y. Srinivasan, working at Microsoft. According to our estimates the total number of changes to the Linux-kernel, done by Microsoft, was 361, which brought the company to seventh place in the list of most active contributors Linux-kernel (for comparison, the Red Hat belongs to the 1000 changes, Intel - 839 ISVs - 1085 .) Participating in the development of the nucleus A Microsoft took the 5th place, second only to Red Hat, Intel, Novell and IBM.

All Realized Microsoft changes are associated with driver support for interface virtualisation Hyper-V, developed it and is under the GPL open in mid-2009. Because of inconsistencies driver requirements of quality, their code has long remained a part of the test (”staging”) branch of the Linux kernel and has twice been a candidate for complete removal of the source tree. However, after several excuses Microsoft still brought up to code required by the state, resulting in and there was such a large number of changes in the company.

Interestingly, if you count the contributions of Microsoft in the number of changed lines of code, the company will be in 15th place with 11 564 lines of code, or 1.3% of the total number of changes (compared to the size of the change from the company Intel - 163 232 rows, or 18.1%).

18 July 2011

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