Release DoudouLinux 1.0 - linux distribution for kids

DoudouLinux based on Debian and is focused entirely on young children. The goal is to make use of a computer as easy and enjoyable. Version 1.0 was given the code name “Gondwana”. DoudouLinux provides dozens of applications that are suitable for children from 2 to 12 years, and gives them an easy-to-use graphical environment is similar to a game console.

20 June 2011

New trailer from the game OilRush Linux Unigine’s
Robert Morris died - a famous cryptographer, one of the creators of Unix

• Kids Linux from France DoudouLinux localized in Russia »»»
French Linux distribution designed specifically for children aged two years.
• Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange has prepared access server based on Linux »»»
As part of a new high-performance version of the Commerce Clearing System MICEX prepared version of the access server (Gateway) for Linux.
• Graphical environment with the release of KDE 4.4 has become more "social" »»»
There was an official announcement of the new version of the popular graphical operating environment KDE - 4.
• They began to know more about the Linux-system of North Korea »»»
Russia university student named Kim Il Sung in North Korea published in his blog review of Linux-distro Red Star, developed in North Korea.
• Linuh addresses a vulnerability 6 years! »»»
As reported publication Network World, a week ago, developers of