Changing the version numbers of the Linux kernel was held

Linus Torvalds released kernel version 3.0-rc1. Abolish the use of odd / even numbers to indicate the stability of the nucleus, and the third number tells the stabilization. Thus, next after this release will be numbered 3.1, but stable - 3.0.1. Version 3.0 of the Linux kernel does not particularly remarkable, except the driver update.

30 May 2011

Released Linux distro Russian Fedora 15
New trailer from the game OilRush Linux Unigine’s

• Linux kernel was 20 years old! »»»
Today marks the official birthday of Linux. After 5 months of development August 25, 1991 a 21-year-old student, Linus Torvalds announced in a teleconference comp.
• Microsoft took seventh place in the ranking of the most active contributors Linux 3.0 kernel »»»
343 changes in the upcoming kernel Linux 3.0 - the handiwork of a developer by the name of K.
• Linux-Kernel war 20 Jahre alt! »»»
Der heutige Tag markiert den offiziellen Geburtstag von Linux. Nach 5 Monaten Entwicklungszeit 25.
• Feminist created a fork of the Linux kernel in response to the categorical statements of Linus Torvalds »»»
After more categorical statements of the author and main developer
• Feministische erstellt eine Gabel des Linux-Kernels in Reaktion auf die kategorische Aussagen von Linus Torvalds »»»
Nach mehr kategorischen Aussagen des Autors und Hauptentwickler des Linux-Kernels