In Fedora and other Linux-distributions directory appears / run

Lennart Poettering (Lennart Poettering), creator of the system manager systemd and sound server PulseAudio, presented on the mailing list Fedora Linux developers a new system directory “/ run”. Such innovations will appear in the spring release of Fedora 15, which will be made a move to systemd by default. The decision to create “/ run” due to technical reasons, so do not perceive this improvement as a major political change. It is expected that developers of other distributions also will decide on the transfer / run from the / var directory to the root (/ var / run will be available through the bind-mount or symlink) - Representatives of openSUSE, Debian and Ubuntu have already confirmed their intention to start using the “/ run” in a future release.

The proposal to move the contents of “/ var / run” directory “/ run” was born after discussing the developers Debian, Suse, Ubuntu and Fedora evidence of misuse of the directory / dev. In addition to device files distributions are forced to put in this directory specialized directories (/ dev / .udev, dev / .mdadm, / dev / .systemd and / dev / .mount), symbolic links to some of the elements filesystem / proc (/ dev / stdin , / dev / sndstat, etc.) and create a named pipe (/ dev / log). Currently use / dev off-label bears a single character, but the situation at any moment can get out of control.

The reason for the creation of additional data files, programs in the / dev is a need for a characteristic for the directory / var / run office files until you’ve mounted the / var directory on the initial stage of loading. / Dev directory is used instead of / var / run as originally known, that it is mounted via tmpfs, and is always created in the first place at boot time, while the directory / var / run is created much later and can be placed in a separate file system.

To solve the problem with inaccessibility of / var / run early in boot different distros come up with their own incompatible with other solutions: Fedora and openSUSE uses the service directories in / dev / .xxx, in Debian specially mounted tmpfs-section / lib / init / rw, in Ubuntu / var / run is created before mounting / var, and then connected via “mount-bind”.

The need to develop and validate a standardized solution is long overdue. After considering various options out of the situation, the developers came to the conclusion that the directory / var / run on official files, file locks and sockets used for communication with applications running, must be factored out of the / var partition in the root. The only reason why this change is not implemented so far - not ready to make such a move for political reasons, as this will inevitably lead to a backlash from conservative users and developers.

31 March 2011

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