Poland: Exchange of free software will appear in the school curriculum

Polish Foundation for an open and free software (FWIOO) created a group of 10 experts to develop training courses are free and open source software for high school and technical schools.

Initiative with the telling name SWOI (Strategia Wolnych i Otwartych Implementacji), is one of the largest projects FWIOO with a budget of 5 million zlotys (approximately € 1,2 million). The project is cofinanced by the European Social Fund.

Currently, the project involves teachers from the three western provinces of Poland: Wielkopolskie, Lubuskie and West Pomerania, which will be the development of educational programs to interact with university teachers. At first, the initiative should cover approximately one hundred schools and approximately 1100 students.

Courses, which will be scheduled on an elective basis, will combine both training specific free software, and general educational information that may be of interest to students: for example, information on robotics and other advanced areas of information technology.

FWIOO intends to approve a program of courses in the Ministry of Education.

22 March 2011

School of Linux - free software in schools.
Omsk linuksoidov against the improper use of the logo Debian

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• School of Linux - free software in schools. »»»
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