School of Linux - free software in schools.

I think everyone probably already heard that the software license schools included in the package “First Aid 1″ expires at the end of 2010. And what will happen next?? Many teachers ask this question. The Government has offered its assistance to schools as a “First Aid 2,” which includes free software. In First Aid 2 “was sent to all distributions of ALT Linux. Were with their shipment zamorochki. Draft designed to help teachers and students to master this new opaeratsionnuyu system.

7 March 2011

The German Government took over from Linux back to Windows
Poland: Exchange of free software will appear in the school curriculum

• In schools where you installed Linux with parents collect money for licensed Windows »»»
Our children learn in grade school № 5. And we are asked to hand over money for the program “Microsoft” for the lessons of computer science.
• In American schools there will be Linux-books »»»
Department of Education of the American state of Utah has launched a program to develop a free e-books for students of local schools.
• Poland: Exchange of free software will appear in the school curriculum »»»
Polish Foundation for an open and free software (FWIOO) created a group of 10 experts to develop training courses are free and open source software for high school and technical schools.
• How to slow down Linux in schools: e-books can be read only under Windows. The state spent $ 640 million to promote proprietary software. »»»
On the infrastructure of e-books for schools spent more than 640 million rubles.
• Minkomsvyazi developed proposals for transfer of state organs to free software »»»
State authorities offered to move to free software. In Minkomsvyazi Russia developed a package of documents on the development and acquisition of software for use in the organs of state power and budgetary institutions.