The German Government took over from Linux back to Windows

According to the German Foreign Office, open source software in their opinion, has too high costs associated with the adaptation of programs for current tasks, low interoperability, there were numerous complaints about the lack of the missing functionality, lack of drivers for printers and scanners.

Now, according to statements made by responsible persons, they are returning to the use WindowsXP, and Windows 7. As an application used software called Office 2010 Outlook. The servers open source software will remain the same.

Nevertheless, the German government, there are people who disagree with the decision. As stated by Mr. Tillman Henning (Henning Tillmann), a member of the Social-Democratic Party: “The reasons have prompted a switch back to Windows just ridiculous!”

Mr Tillmann also notes that “The cost of licensing alone Windows and Microsoft Office is more than covers the cost of programmers to write a hell of a lot of drivers for printers and scanners.”

3 March 2011

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