London Stock Exchange completed its transfer of primary systems on Linux

Completed implementation of the trading platform Millennium Exchange. The main part of the new platform is written in C + + and runs under SUSE Linux, additional servers are used based on Solaris and DBMS Oracle.

The new trading platform offering high performance, enhanced scalability, support for manipulation of the various classes of assets, ensuring minimal latency and additional functionality. The new platform developed by MillenniumIT, which was acquired by the London Stock Exchange in 2009 for $ 30 million.

Millennium Exchange is able to process real-time trading up to 300 thousand operations per second. The average operation time of 126 microseconds, 99% of the applications running over time does not exceed 210 microseconds, and only 0.1% of operations may take more than 400 microseconds.

Previously the system used TradeElect, based on technology Microsoft.NET, spent on processing a request to 2000 microseconds. To develop TradElect spent $ 65 million annually in addition to maintaining the system in working order to spend more.

It is expected that the new Millennium Exchange will result in savings of at least $ 16 million over the next two years. In addition to poor performance, platform TradElect repeatedly became the cause of many hours of failure, leading to long periods when the bidding (on the restoration of the long-term failure, it took 8 hours).

15 February 2011

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State worried about the problem of establishing a national operating system and expects to begin development in the near future.