Kids Linux from France DoudouLinux localized in Russia

French Linux[/t[t:tag slug=linuks]Linux distribution designed specifically for children aged two years, is now spreading to the Russian version thanks to the staff of the Institute of Applied Computer Science, Tomsk State Pedagogical University.

The developers from Russia joined the project this year. In September there was the Russian version of the official site of the project, and a month later Russian Live-CD and USB-version of the distribution, as well as the Russian guide, work on the translation of which was completed on October 22.

Project Manager Doudou Linux is a French enthusiast, Jean-Michel Philippe. Interface and a suite of distribution are adapted so that even children who can not read, had no problems with his development. A loading system with a Live-CD or USB will protect your parental data on your computer. While older children can learn letters and numbers in the game, and the most senior will be able to acquire knowledge in mathematics, geography or foreign languages. And, of course, they will receive computer skills, they may be useful in the future.

Work on the Russian version of the distribution will be continued, and the developers are inviting all those interested in its use and development, to join the project.

3 November 2010

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Former Adviser to the President to take free software;

• Release DoudouLinux 1.0 - linux distribution for kids »»»
DoudouLinux based on Debian and is focused entirely on young children.
• Robert Morris died - a famous cryptographer, one of the creators of Unix »»»
One of the pioneers of computer science, and played an important role in planning the secret of what was probably the first national cyber war U.
• Porting new version of Opera for Linux is stopped and considered unwise »»»
Andreas Tolfsen, former leader of the group to maintain infrastructure in the company Opera Software.
• The company will develop Gregory Berezkina Russian mobile OS (the "Open Mobile Platform," calculates based on Linux to create a competitor to Android) »»»
The Innopolis started the development of Russia's mobile operating system, the message says Minister of Communications and Mass Media Nikolai Nikiforov in his tweet.
• Linux kernel was 20 years old! »»»
Today marks the official birthday of Linux. After 5 months of development August 25, 1991 a 21-year-old student, Linus Torvalds announced in a teleconference comp.