Monument Linux’u in Tyumen

The Action Team Tyumentsev proposes to establish in our city a monument in honor of the operating system Linux. The ideology of the free software community was reflected in the way of raising funds for the sculpture. Help construction is available to all for whom Linux - not an empty phrase, anyone who supports the principles of free distribution of software.

Initiator - the director of the hosting company “Tyunet” Sergei Mikhailov - already committed to creating sculptures of 10,000 rubles. Prepared a sketch of the monument design studio, “White square”.

28 September 2010

Aware is not quite clear prospects for Mandriva Linux, the leading developers decided to create a fork called Mageia
Gnome 2.32 Released

• In Russia, will open the world's first monument to Linux »»»
About a month later in Tyumen to be erected the world’s first monument to honor the mascot running Linux - Penguin Tux.
• En Russie, ouvrira le premier monument du monde à Linux »»»
Environ un mois plus tard, à Tioumen à ériger le premier monument du monde à l’honneur la mascotte Linux - Tux Penguin.
• The Russian government approved the development of national operating system »»»
Government commission on high technology and innovation endorsed the development of a national OS.
• Fund Freelance sending comments to the Committee on Trade U.S. »»»
Consistently continuing to fight for wider adoption of open technologies.
• Service appeared to update the Linux-kernel without rebooting the system »»»
Today Ksplice Inc. announced the official launch service Uptrack, providing the possibility of updating Linux-kernel servers without the need to reboot systems.